Four engineering graduates from Canada cruised the continental USA and Canada.  Follow our summer 2003 tour as it unfolded.

The Boys are Back in Town!

The Wide Load has safely returned to its resting point back in the beautiful Vancouver area, and the plans for the party are well under way.  Saturday, September 6, 2003 the Wide Load party begins.  Things will kick off before sundown with a BBQ and keg number one.  Ladies, we haven't forgotten about you.  You'll be refreshed with an irresistible southern concoction we call Hunch Punch.  Something for everyone.  We have a resident DJ and a bartender hosting the event to keep things going well into the night. 

Click here for details and directions to the party.

The coast to coast journey flew by.  A big thanks to Ken's parents and family for once again hosting us showing us a great time in Amherst before we left.  I think we're all ashamed of our guitar skills.  Better luck next time.  Laurie, we'd be proud to be stuck in the back of a cruiser as long as you were at the wheel.  Thanks for the high blood pressure from the ATV's.  We wouldn't trade the experience for an extra night in Montreal.  From Amherst we headed west to Quebec.  Friday night was on the town (Montreal) taking in some of the "culture".  For the weekend, we were hosted very generously by the Cannings in Brampton.  Everyone had a great time.  Past Niagara Falls, we dipped back into the States for what would be the last time of the trip.  The long haul back took us through the north-central states all the way to Yellowstone, Wyoming.  There we dedicated one full day out of three for our last crazy team challenge.  Ask us about it at the party.  It is something that likely none of us will ever attempt again as long as we live.  From Yellowstone we seemed so close to home (only one time zone) that the Wide Load found its way back to Vancouver by September 1, 2003.

Looking back we're having a hard time reflecting on the whole summer.  It may be no wonder when we had 111 great days covering 27492 km (17183 miles) over 36 states and six provinces in three countries.  More meaningful however, have been the countless memories we've made along the way and most importantly the people we met and grew to know.  We would like to thank all of those who helped and hosted us.

The Wide Load has found its resting point and is up for sale but already new plans are in the making.  Now that it's our turn to bunker down and get a life, we extend our invitation for the road trip to be continued by all of you.  To the friends (and extended family) we've made, there will always be an open door (and a beer) where you find The Boys of the Wide Load.  Happy trails.

Boys of the Wide Load
Kilometer 27492 (Mile 17183) and Day 113
September 3, 2003


Homeward Bound

We're back in Amherst, Nova Scotia on the transition between two different legs of the journey; we just finished the maritime provinces and are about to endure the long haul back to British Columbia.

Our escapades in the Atlantic provinces took us around Nova Scotia and P.E.I.  Cape Breton, Halifax and Charlottetown were highlights.  Regretfully, Newfoundland and Labrador will have to be saved for a return visit.  The scenery and summer climate are so similar to the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island that it's a bit eerie.  We're the furthest away from home yet and at the same time it feels so close to home.  The distinctly different folk flavour to the nightlife and lifestyle here is enough to keep us coming back.  The Celtic influence is infectious.

So, as it would appear by our never ending journey log, that we have yet again extended the length of the trip.  We will return the Wide Load and its team back to beautiful British Columbia sometime during the first week of September, and for good reason.

Party!!!  The Wide Load party will be held on Saturday September 6, 2003 so clear your plans.  All friends, family and followers are welcome to take in the BEvERages with us and to see the Wide Load for yourselves.  The beer bong will be running smoothly so you can even test your skill against Ryan and Ken's record time.  The BBQ will kick things off late afternoon and things will escalade into the night.  Directions to Joel's house and contact information will be posted in the coming two weeks.  We are always easy to be reached by email on the team page too.

For now though, we've got some ground to cover.  Only two weeks to go (until the money runs dry) and 5866 km to cover.  On the road again.  See you soon.

Boys of the Wide Load
Kilometer 20421 and Day 98 on the Open Road
August 19, 2003

We currently have a problem with the computer that disables us from being able to upload new and future photos and videos.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.  Luckily the latest compilation video was finished before this happened.  Check out our Grand Canyon video here.



Oh Canada, how nice it is to be back on our side of the border.  Not that the states is really all that different, but the subtle differences are appreciated: Tim Horton's, coloured currency, kilometers, Canadian Tire etc.

After a weekend immersed in alcohol, we left Kasey, Will and Morgan's place and took to the hills.  At this time Ryan was kidnapped back to Birmingham and was swept off his feet by Angela.  So, for a while we were just three. 

The Wide Load made its way up the steep climb to the Appalachian mountain range.  We continued along the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy some cooler temperatures.  Next, we visited with Joel's Uncle Michael in Williamsburg.  Washington D.C. was the next stop on the map.  The Smithsonian museums and the capital had enough to keep us busy for a few days.  Just before we took off, Ryan was reunited with the group after catching up to us on a grueling 16 hour bus ride through only the shadiest parts of Ghettoville, USA.  It seemed he left his heart behind.  He plans to move back to Alabama, seriously.  New York was the next stop: Times Square, Ground Zero, Empire State, Grand Central, Statue of Liberty.  Boston was great.  We bummed around M.I.T. and drove around Harvard to remind us of the part of our life that we just finished.  The road took us north to the border and into Canada.

So here we are.  Were in Amherst, Nova Scotia.  Ken's family, and extended family has been excellent in showing us a good time.  Last night we all went to the bar, Ken's parents and grandmother included.  We've all been made to feel like extended family.

We'll be touring around the Atlantic provinces in the coming days.  Then we'll visit some Canadian cities on our way back across the continent.  We've extended the trip to day 110 bringing us to the end of the month.  There is enough to see on the road to keep you busy for a lifetime.  Still bright smiles and great memories.

Boys of the Wide Load
Kilometer 18450 and Day 89 on the Open Road
August 10, 2003


Southern Comfort

We are back in the friendly southern states -- Athens, Georgia right now to be exact.  A lot has happened which explains why it has been so long to bring it to you.  There is not much time to slow down and sit here at the computer.

The videos are up.  We have a map that plots our path if you follow the route map link, and most of everything else is up to date.

So what has been happening?  Jenn was our first visitor from home to come and cruise in the Wide Load.  She flew into Atlanta for the weekend.  We then went south and saw as much of Florida in a week as is humanly possible.  Barbara Field (a family friend of Jason's) took the crew out for an outstanding dinner outside Fort Myers.  We SCUBA dived and snorkeled in Key Largo.  Miami was the weekend destination.  Jeff who we went to school with just missed us in Miami by a few hours.  We hit the town with Amy and Jamie and had a great time.  Long live the hunch punch.  On our way north, we spent a full day at the Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld and hit Daytona Beach.

All said and done, we're back at Kasey's place for the party he says we're hosting.  It's just in his house.  Last night got out of hand and that was just a warm up for tonight.  The keg has been tapped and the beer gods are calling.  Over and out.

Boys of the Wide Load
Mile 9129 and Day 74 on the Open Road
July 26, 2003


Boys Gone Wild

New Orleans.  Been there.  Done that.  We've covered some serious miles in the past week.  The trip is more than half over and there is still so much to see.

We're in Birmingham of sweet home Alabama right now and we'll be on our way to Florida shortly.  It will be down to The Keys and then north all the way along the coast until we hit Canada again.

Canada Day down here was a rest day for Independence Day.  That went off really well.

The backcountry part of the trip is far behind us and now it's on to white sand and beaches.

Boys of the Wide Load
Mile 6647 and Day 58 on the Open Road
July 10, 2003


Leaving the Last City of Zion

This is the geological leg of the journey.  Contrary to popular belief, we do do more than suck beer from a plastic tube.  The hiking is amazing and the photos will tell the tale, but it's disappointing to see how poorly they represent what it like to actually be there.

The Aristocrat is rolling out of Zion National Park as this is being written.  We just finished hiking the Angel's Landing hiking trail this morning leading us up to cliff edges 1500 feet above the canyon!  Our hike through The Narrows gives the Grand Canyon hike something to compete with.

We're on our way to Bryce Canyon National Park through the southern strip of Utah.  The landscape has already changed in the time it has taken to type this.  We're looking forward to more good times to roll and maybe a shower in the next day or two.

Boys of the Wide Load
June 24, 2003


Happy Father's Day

Safe and sound back in homeland America.  We've just been and returned from Mexico.  Phoenix today and Grand Canyon tomorrow.  Ryan's relatives have really shown us incredible hospitality: Joe, Betty, Megan, McKenzie, Skye. . . The names go on.

San Filipe was our sanctuary of warm water, cool beer and cheap food in Mexico.  We fished until our stomachs' discontent, and returned once we all felt the gentle rumble from down under.

We're all a bit more tanned (some are peeling) and the good times continue to roll.  Thank you for those who have made comments from around the world on our message board that we just got up and running.  The website name is proudly on the back of the motorhome now, so hopefully we get comments from sightings along the way.  There is a lot more to come.

Boys of the Wide Load
June 15, 2003


  As We Go from Great to Better

Things are warming up!!!  It's great being here down in San Diego.  P.B. as they call it is kickin' bro!  It's heaven on Earth.  We all finally witnessed Andrea in live performance for the first time in the five years that we've known her.  She's going to humble us with her voice again tonight, but it's a beach day so I'm going to cut this short.  We are in no hurry to get out of here, but it will be on to the Baja after this.

Boys of the Wide Load
May 31, 2003


 Welcome to the Time of Our LIves

We're on the road!!!  It's happening. . .We're in Vegas now baby. 

There's not too much here yet but just you wait.  We've had some humdingers already  . . . and we'll be showing them to you.

Photos, videos, strange signs, a message forum and pictures of other wide loads we've seen on the road are all things you can expect to see here.  Without forgetting, we've got the essential facts for dorks: fuel economy, distances traveled and a breakdown of our costs.  Beer will be a high one no doubt.  We've heard about every slogan you could imagine to sell piss beer and some more memorable quotes of our own to pass on to you.

Internet is about the only thing we don't have.  I am writing this as we barrel down the road at 65mph.  So bare with us as we take you on a journey that has been three years in the planning and that will be four months in the unfolding.

Boys of the Wide Load
May 24, 2003