"We made drinking an extreme sport."

To earn your keep in the Beer Bong Hall of Fame you must test your skill at sucking back a beer as quickly as possible.  The beer bong is a valve controlled electronic beer injection machine that will time your bong right down to the hundredth of a second!  The following people have gone down in Wide Load history as accomplished beer bong drinkers.  While it is elite, it is not exclusive, so wherever we go, you're free to test your skill against the clock.  Oh, and if you don't give us a comment, we get to make one up for you.

Let the beer flow freely!


1 Ryan 1.40 s. Mmmmmm . . . Beeeeeeer! 67 Miami
2 Kenmo 1.40 s. I'll be back on top.  It's only a matter of time. 73 Athens
3 Justin 1.50 s.^ 1-800-ERIC'S-SISTER  We love you Amanda P. 58 Birmingham
4 Shane
of Birmingham
1.53 s.% Never stop rockin! 73 Athens
5 Lizzie 1.56 s. Suck 'em long and suck 'em hard. 58 Birmingham
6 Shane
of Phoenix
1.58 s.* Remember my name.  You'll be screaming it later. 33 Phoenix
7 Joel 1.60 s. I can't talk, I can barely see, but I'm still going for one-twenty. 58 Birmingham
8 McKenzie 1.68 s. I swear it's the first time I've sucked hose. 33 Phoenix
9 Jason 1.68 s. You're going down Joel. 58 Birmingham
10 Junior 1.78 s. Anyone up for a breakfast bong? 60 Athens
11 Eric 1.88 s. What's the score here? What's next? 58 Birmingham
12 Rob 2.41 s. I've only sucked McKenzie's hose once. 33 Phoenix
13 Kasey 2.59 s. I'm not even fast but I don't care.  I just want to get wasted! 61 Athens
14 Morgan 3.57 s. The bong.  It's gotta be done. 73 Athens
15 Ryan
of San Diego


Who cares if I have to work tomorrow? 18 San Diego
16 Josh N/A Give me something to snack on. 18 San Diego
17 Courtney N/A I'll take one for Hilda. 18 San Diego
18 Leigh N/A Me too. 18 San Diego
19 Betty


I was the champion in high school. 32 Arizona
20 Angela N/A It came out my nose! 58 Birmingham
21 Ox N/A I'm all talk. 60 Athens
22 Jenn N/A # It came fast but I loved every minute of it. 62 Atlanta
23 Jamie


I get hot really easy. 67 Miami
24 Amy N/A It didn't come as fast as I thought it would. 67 Miami
25 Carter N/A I drive faster than I bong. 71 Daytona Beach
26 Chris N/A Had a 1.44 s. time but didn't quite finish the whole thing.  Ripped off. 74 Athens
27 Alasdair N/A A couple of more practice shots and I'll beat my son. 88 Amherst
28 Jeannine N/A There's always a first time for everything. 88 Amherst
29 Bernie N/A I'll get the hang of it sometime. 88 Amherst
30 Pat N/A Pour me another. 88 Amherst
31 Jenn N/A I don't drink beer but White Russians, yes please. 88 Amherst
32 Ashley N/A I'll never forget this hangover. 88 Amherst

* Shane also bonged a Guinness in 1.60s to beat the odds against him doing it in sub two.  In an effort for a tripple or nothing victory ($16), he attempted to bong a Guinness AND a Newcastle at the same time in less than four seconds!  He got it down but the clock didn't lie.  4.6 seconds.  Considering his handicap of bonging an additional hairball, he retained the poker chips from the original win and a consolation burrito courtesy of Rob. 

^ This was a shower bong.

# Jenn wasn't allowed to be the first visitor of the Wide Load and return without doing a beer bong.  Since her time doesn't recognize her accomplishment we must point out that Jenn was the first person to bong a tall boy (16 oz.) can.

% Shane put himself in a league of his own.  No one has yet to bong hard liquor, except Shane.  There is no half-assing it in the south.  If you're going out to drink, you are going to drink hard!  On day 73 Shane drank almost a whole bottle of 80 proof brandy to himself -- straight.  Then we lit it up and got dangerous in the great town of Athens.

We would also like to thank everyone else who has put mileage on the beer bong to make it the success it has become.  It didn't always have a timer.  In those days we would bong beer just for the pure enjoyment of it.

Beer.  We've drunk a lot of it.   You would too.   It's damn cheap down here.  12 cans of Milwaukee's Best . . . $4.39 USD