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DAY 11

Saturday May 24, 2003

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tonight was our big gambling night.  We played poker until 3a.m. and had cheap drinks all night.  This time it was $5 we all wagered and the game took place in the comforts of the Wide Load.  Vegas is the kind of place you have to fully experience with money, and that for us is one thing that we are trying to conserve.  Almost everyone had their close call to lose their shirt before the night was through.


DAY 12

Sunday May 25, 2003

Las Vegas, Nevada

This was our big bar night of the Vegas leg of the journey.  It didn't start out that way though.  The old town Vegas was one thing that we still had to see at night.  If you've seen on the movies the walkway of three blocks covered overhead by lights, then you understand what the old town is.  We took in the show that ran every 15 minutes or so and in between took in some "liquids."

Before long we were all standing in the middle of the promenade with a group of girls who were visiting from New York and Jersey.  Some other Canadian guys and one British guy tagged along as we warmed things up.

Once we were good and ready, we took off in cabs to a club that the ladies had suggested.  No one really liked it including Jason (who was servicing his sudden illness outside).  Before we knew it, we were back on the road destined for club 54.

This was no cab right though.  There were probably over 15 of us comfortably seated in a stretched out Hummer limo.  It was incredible.  It had the most amazing sound system and lights.  All too soon, we were at thc club.

The dress code for the night at club 54 was no T-shirts (like Ken was wearing) so we bid our new friends a good night and we took off to pave our own path.  Thinking we were done, we headed for home but stopped in at Ibiza USA for a bit.  When Jason couldn't keep his eyes open he led everyone else out.  The club wasn't that busy anyway.

The last stop before bed would be for breakfast.  We all had steak and eggs and then took the public bus back to bed along with all the locals heading to work that morning.  The sun was rising as we rode back.


DAY 13

Monday May 26, 2003

Las Vegas, Nevada

We felt that one more day wouldn't  hurt.  There was no way we were going to get up in time for checkout so we stayed one extra day in Vegas just to recuperate and to get ready to move onward the following morning. 


DAY 14

Tuesday May 27, 2003

Near Ehrenberg, Arizona

Hoover Dam.  Day at Lake Havasu.  Drove all night.  Slept in a rest area plugged in to their outlet by extension cord.


DAY 15

Wednesday May 28, 2003

Coronado, San Diego, California

Drove until it got cool.  Hit the visitor's center, and then on to Coronado for the night.  Andrea and Ryan showed up to our surprise for dinner.  met the guys with the 2.4 million candle power light.


DAY 16

Thursday May 29, 2003

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

Zoo.  Beachcombers.  Got a ticket for driving over the curb.  $2 Guinness.  After bar food.


DAY 17

Friday May 30, 2003

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

Jack Johnson concert.  Watched Andrea play at the coffee house.  Bar night .  Lost Ken.


DAY 18

Saturday May 31, 2003

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

Day at the beach.  Night at the restaurant where Andrea played.  Bonged at beach outside Andrea's house on the beach.  Keg party. Lost Ken.


DAY 19

Sunday June 1, 2003

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

Movies.  Late evening surf.  Sushi night.  Then movies.


DAY 20

Monday June 2, 2003

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

Went shopping for electronics.  Picked up parts for electronic bong.

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