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DAY 61

Sunday July 13, 2003

Athens, Georgia

Woke up and went out with Kasey to his place.  Drank some beer and chilled out for a bit.  Met Morgan and we all went out to Wild Wings for dinner.  Hottest wings south of Buffalo: Braveheart.  Buckets of beer and food.  Good times.  Back to Will and Kasey's to drink more and play poker.  Game went on almost all night.  Kasey the big winner.  Sat on porch at night.  Classic southern style.


DAY 62

Monday July 14, 2003

Cordele, Georgia

Didn't get up in time to see Athens.  Made plans to return on day 74.  Had to see Florida in the time in between.  Got up.  Packed up.  Headed off to Athens to get Jenn to her flight.  We forgot few things and Will drove them up to us.  We headed for the airport.  Jenn bonged a farewell beer. it was 16oz, the first.  Sent her on her way and continued South.  We almost made it to Florida, but stopped just shy of the border for the night.


DAY 63

Tuesday July 15, 2003

Tampa, Florida

Planned out our time in Florida.  Picked up our Disney tickets.  Ditched plans of swimming with the manatees because it was out of season.  Headed for Tampa instead.  Chilled at the beach for a bit.  Headed out on the town to a gentlemen's club in Largo?  No good.  Might as well have stayed at the beach.  Got hammered enough to enjoy it though.  Cheers to cheap wine.


DAY 64

Wednesday July 16, 2003 Fort Myers, Florida

Got up early and hit the road.  Headed to the beach for a few hours on some island at the south part of Tampa, below St. Petersburg.  Hit up the Internet, and then went for swim.  After game of horseshoes, got loaded back in and went down to Fort Myers.  Met up with Barbara Field for the evening.  She took us out for a fantastic dinner and then showed us around her community.  Headed safely off into the night to rest at an RV park.


DAY 65

Thursday July 17, 2003 Miami, Florida

Got up before the sun rose.  Hit the road.  Drove past the Everglades, air boat tours, crocodile parks, all the way to Key Largo.  The biggest reef short of the Great Barrier Reef is there: Molasses Reef.  Ken and Ryan went on a snorkeling trip.  Joel and Jason went SCUBA diving.  Absolutely amazing.  Chilled out there for a bit before we took off to Miami.  Found A1A (Vanilla Ice) but could not find an RV park.  Ended up plugging into a church entrance way.


DAY 66

Friday July 18, 2003 Kendall, Miami, Florida

Chilled  at the beach all day.  Met some "dancers" on the beach.  Met some other guy.  Had the rockin' beer cooler filled and cranked.  Headed off late afternoon.  Called up Lebouski and met up with her after KOA stop.  Ended up parking in her apartment parking lot.  Headed out to a pub that night with her and met a few friends.


DAY 67

Saturday July 19, 2003 Kendall, Miami, Florida

Sat around.  Met Jamie the roommate.  Spent all day getting ready for that night.  Hunch punch, beer bong, all dressed up.  We were going to hit the town.  Jamie "forgot" about her tests and presentations along with Amy and then we got the drinking going.  Took a cab to Opium: outdoor club, $20 cover, no line just a mob where they pick and choose who they want to come in.  Beer $7 but great place.  Had another line for upstairs area.  Blasted cool air every now and again.  Got tired headed out for pizza.  Walked a while.  Jason met some guys from Haiti and spoke french with them.  All cabed home and passed out wherever.


DAY 68

Sunday July 20, 2003 Orlando, Florida

Woke up late.  Watched a movie.  Vegged.  Said our good-byes to Jamie and Amy.  Jamie asked to drive the Wide Load and to this day has been the only other person we have allowed to drive it.  Headed north back up the peninsula.  Drove A1A through Lauderdale By The Sea where Joel had visited only two and a half months earlier on a rugby trip. Jumped onto the highway for Orlando.  Stopped off at Hooters for wings and then found ourselves an RV park for the next few days.  In bed early and for good reason.  Ryan, Ken and Jason had dates with Disneyworld characters the next day.


DAY 69

Monday July 21, 2003 Orlando, Florida

Day 69.  Disneyworld.  Got up early and Joel dropped Jason, Ken and Ryan off at Fantasyland for the day while he spent the day at the water parks.  If there is a more efficient way to do Disneyworld than what Jason, Ryan and Ken did, you'd have to be cutting lines and taking little kids out.  They hit every good ride, the best ones twice and rushed around to maximize the benefit of the express pass.  The day parade and night parade were excellent and fireworks topped it off.  They found Joel reading a book sitting in a courtesy wheelchair when they got out at closing time.


DAY 70

Tuesday July 22, 2003 Orlando, Florida

Ever since we hit Florida, the steering had been making a funny sound.  Things under the hood seemed fine by our standards but today we lost our power steering temporarily and the brakes were acting up on us.  This was a sign.  Either we needed to get the RV fixed or continue to drive and die by natural selection of the dumbest.  So we found a place that would check us out and yes, we needed a hydro booster.  We were told not to drive until the part arrived the next day so we took off and drove back to the RV park.  At least we didn't go all the way to the Kennedy Space Center where we had planned to go.  So there we were, stuck until the next day.

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