how the hell are u gise doing havent herd from u gise for a long time. I miss all 4 of u boys. u gise will have to come down again, even though it wont be the same without grandma ah Ken. anyways u gise can e-mail me at bye for now love Ashley
Submitted by Ashley KEN's cuz on Wed Dec 22 13:54:58 2004

Hey Guys this is Momma Sue from Birmingham. I am so glad to see you made it home safely. I so enjoyed meeting all of you. You should be proud of what you accomplished and all the cool people I am sure you met. Well if you are ever back in Birmingham I will be glad to cook for you again. PS. Come in the fall the humidity is much better.
Love, Momma Sue
Submitted by Sue "Momma Sue" Johnson on Tue Oct 21 14:25:23 2003

Hey, from the other side of the country!
Hey guys, it was great meeting you at the Olde Dublin when you were in PEI! Ken, thanks for signing my guestbook. I'm gonna take a look at those pictures, see if there's any of me! Have a good one - Cynthia
Submitted by Cynthia on Wed Sep 17 07:58:37 2003

All Photo's Uploaded!!!!
Hello everyone sorry for the delay on this update. All photo's from the entire trip are now online and ready for your viewing pleasure (including pics from the welcome back party). Enjoy!
Submitted by Ryan on Tue Sep 9 22:26:09 2003

i'm stealing the rv and ken's stuff
glad to read you guys enjoyed the east coast and back across. jason, the sofa ate your keys and the regurgitation took a month or so, but they are back in scandelous hands. i hope the keyless entry works from down here in athens. do you need them sent, or should we keep them as a momento of drunken visitors spicing up our dull lives? scratch that, we'll deliver them in person sometime this year, eh?
keep in touch
Submitted by morgan on Tue Sep 9 17:48:24 2003

HUNCH PUNCH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Angela on Thu Sep 4 13:53:16 2003

Party in Van
What's up boys
Nat and I have been following all your adventure on the website, sounds like you guys really had a blast. As for the party on saturday, we won't be able to make it as we will be in Toffino, but we hope that when you guys get to the island, we can have a repeat performance.
Ken, Rafal was lost his internet access and would like you to call him when you guys get to Hongcouver, as he wants to party with the boys of the wide load.
Submitted by Jo´┐Żl on Wed Sep 3 12:32:19 2003

i need some pizza
I am really hung over today. I just poured myself a cup of coffee forgeting that i just poured one 2 min ago. Now I have two at my desk. I dont even like coffee. Welcome back to the working world.
Submitted by chris on Thu Aug 28 09:03:38 2003

Hey guys,
Riley made an interesting comment about breasts the other day that we figured she must have picked up from spending all that time in your RV! We all enjoyed your visit!!! Many cheers to you guys on your last leg back West.
Submitted by MARIE on Thu Aug 28 07:46:16 2003

There's no place like home
Hey guys - soory we couldn't hook up with you again. Have a bong for us at your welcome home party. Keep in touch. How about Whistler this winter?

Love, Megan and McKenzie
Submitted by Megan and McKenzie on Wed Aug 27 21:19:51 2003

where's the wide load?
Hey Guys, Where the heck are you ? We haven't heard where the road has taken you since leaving Nova Scotia. Home in a must be somewhere round the middle? Drive safe, as I know how the excitement of coming home can and will deter ones concentration, which could then result in major wide load carnage, which would not be good. see ya soon.
Submitted by Jenn on Wed Aug 27 17:24:25 2003

Missing you already!
Hi Kenny & friends,

It was great having you here with us in Amherst. The family is still talking about how much fun you all were. We miss you and look forward to hearing from you again. Have a fun, safe trip back to B.C.

Submitted by Jeannine Anderson on Wed Aug 27 14:24:14 2003

One More Thing!
Oh yeah and Joel-never forget PICNIC TABLES!!! Love you guys and be careful!!
Submitted by Ashley on Tue Aug 26 21:35:13 2003

Whats up boys?! Well, me, Tina, Katie, and Amanda just wanted to tell you guys that you are awesome!!! Dont forget to keep in touch, my cell phone number is in the black book!! And so is Tina's but i'm better than her! Joel-keep in touch!! Ken, NO SOCKS!!! Ryan-NO ENGAGEMENTS and Jason-DONT LEAVE KATIE!! Ok-well I have to go now, all of you must call me!! Every single one! Considering we dont have any of your guys phone numbers!! Alright LATE!!!!
Submitted by Ashley on Tue Aug 26 11:28:20 2003

Latecomer to the excitement
Wow I did not think it was possible for someone to keep in better contact with home than I did when I was on vacation. I keep hearing rumors of this sight at family functions, but today is the first I've checked it out and you are on your way home. Looks like you have had a blast. Can:t wait to hear your stories in person when you get back Ryan! Finish safe (I know boring:-))
Your favourite cousin, Jaime
Submitted by Jaime on Mon Aug 25 19:37:38 2003

the word of the day is....
Hey Gentlemen.....
Well thank you for a lovely time at breakfast yesterday we all totally had a blast! So many laughs. We are in Kingston now and I visited my school, got a cell and such so we're busy busy. but thinking of you guys...keep in touch you've got my email, can't wait to see the site updated!!Love
Shell, Linda Frank xoxoxoxoxo
Submitted by Shellee on Mon Aug 25 15:01:44 2003

star student
hey guys! thank you so much for brainstorming last night for me about my statistics assignment- that was so sweet of you! you guys rock! your suggestions helped so much- i hadn't even thought about the USA Today website. (i knew you guys were good for something! j/k :) i did the article on underage drinking- we know all those underage drinkers represent better that that!!!! thanks again!!!
Submitted by angela on Mon Aug 25 13:42:19 2003

12 days and counting !!
hey boyz..well, its less than 2 weeks now, 12 days to be exact, til the blow-out homecoming party..what a way to end the summer !! Beerz are on ice as we speak, and our good friends Captain Morgan, Jim, Jack, and the foreigner, Bombay, all expect to see you in fine "Wide Load" form. Enjoy the rest of your journey...take time to reflect on this exceptional, once in a lifetime, adventure you have all just had. Thanks for allowing us all to live vicariously thru you..its been quite a ride ! see ya soon.
Submitted by Jenn on Mon Aug 25 09:38:21 2003

rough waters
Hey Guys,
Sorry i missed the call on Friday. I was on the ferry to the Island. I'll see you in a week or so.
Submitted by chris on Mon Aug 25 08:25:18 2003

Submitted by ANGELA on Sat Aug 23 16:36:50 2003

RUDY!! RUDY RUDY!!!ahh the old ND
Hey guys,
It's the rogers party-car here. We are here in Notre Dame at South Bend Indiana today...we've had a blast but are glad to be near a computer. We've seen Rushmore and Crazyhorse (much reccomended) and it's been fantastic. We are going back to Canada tomorow.. to Pelee Island and then to St Jacobs and the Tdot on Saturday...likely we won't hve itnernet acess in there so call the cell...see you guys soon!! Shell Linda Frank xoxoxoxoxo
Submitted by Shellee on Wed Aug 20 17:02:25 2003

Pass word please
Hi to all, Realy enjoyed your short visit,I'm happy Marg
feed you all before you headed out.Have a safe trip.
uncle Warren...
Submitted by Uncle Warrem on Fri Aug 15 15:58:55 2003

On the road again
Hey Gentlemen! Well, Mum, Dad and I head out today across the northern USA. We are back in cAnada at Pelee Island around the 21stish. We will be in the Tdot on the 23rd (woohoo Lion King). then on to Kingston after that. I hope we get to bump into you guys. We will have the cell so call and we'll grab a meal together! xoxoxo Shell
Submitted by Shellee on Fri Aug 15 10:42:33 2003

thanks for coming
Hey Joel,
You can crash on my futon any time. :P
Submitted by Susan on Fri Aug 15 10:11:23 2003

Greetings from Old Scotia
Hi,Kenny and friends,
Great website, especially the pictures and I'd love to see the uncensored versions!!! Love from all in Scotland. Nicholas and Susan will be in touch soon.

Submitted by Sandy on Thu Aug 14 15:42:07 2003

Greetings from Dartmouth, NS
Saw your RV during rush hour traffic in Dartmouth, you peaked my interest and just had to check out your site. Looks great and man I wish that I could do what you guys are doing. Have fun.
Submitted by The Bulls on Thu Aug 14 14:01:32 2003

ken boys
hey ken:guys i'll keep practicing bonging you guys are pros]
Submitted by uncle bernie on Tue Aug 12 15:09:43 2003

No joel!
I didn't know JAIL ORDER brides were allowed out that late. Joel I hope you were just trying to salt your lips with the fermeldahide. yo take ugly pic of you kissing girl off, makes nordmans look bad. Have a great time guys, Joel it doesn't matter how much you drank, no on the old ladies with mullets.
Submitted by Brock Nordman on Tue Aug 12 15:07:07 2003

With the red civic
Whats up guys hope you are doing well! had a bitchin time in daytona with ya! Wheres my listing on the beer bong chart? Oh well just checking in with ya! talk to ya soon!

Peace, Carter
Submitted by Carter From Daytona on Tue Aug 12 14:22:46 2003

So that's canada eh?
What up guys? I hope the trip is going well.
Submitted by Will on Sun Aug 10 00:41:06 2003

Pictures of your new niece!
Hey Ken!

Just wanted to let you know I emailed you some pics of Emilia! Let me know if you have any troubles with them.

Hope you are doing well and having a blast!

Lots of Love,
Submitted by Angie on Fri Aug 8 17:49:55 2003

Greetings from The Philippines
I can see that you guys are enjoying your trip. I'll see you guys when you get back. Safe travels,

Submitted by August Ustare on Thu Aug 7 23:48:18 2003

Chillin in Vancouver
Nice pictures. Looks like you guys are having way too much fun. I think I could only keep up with you for about one night :-). Have fun in my old stompin grounds of NYC and don't miss the limelight and Dr. Jekyls and Mr. Hydes (assuming my old haunts still exist).

Joel's cousin from Seattle and his girlfriend Tasha
Submitted by Justin on Thu Aug 7 22:10:12 2003

Did you go to boston?
Hey guys,
So glad you called. Bummed out that i can't show you around in Boston. You have probably been there and left by now. Have an awesome time and hope to catch up with you soon. Keep in touch. I'm coming to Vancouver to drive the RV again!
have fun, jamie
Submitted by jamie from miami on Thu Aug 7 06:20:18 2003

Holy Tomatoes
Hello Boys....
WOW...that sums up everything i need to say. I know I don't need to ask if you are having a BLAST cause your pictures are worth more than a thousand words. I bet all the hungover mornings bring back good memories!! Enjoy the last legs of your trip and we all can't wait for when you guys come home. Hope your butts are not getting too sore from all the driving :) Ciao bellos....hugs...Zee
Submitted by Zee on Wed Aug 6 14:48:13 2003

Submitted by shawn on Tue Aug 5 19:45:30 2003

Still Green With Envy
Sounds like you guys are,"doin it up right". I understand the southern states are suffering from a beer drought, and alot of broken hearts. I'm proud of ya. keep up the good work, it's quite a mission you've taken on. I see youb will soon be back in Canada Eh! If you make it to PEI. Stop and sponge a meal or something off my old friend and his family, Pat and Linda Fry, they live is Cardigan PEI phone number 902-X8X-XXXX. Insist on lobster. Anyhow keep goin and enjoyin. Talk to you soon
Submitted by Denis & Helen on Mon Aug 4 23:05:58 2003

straight to the dome
yo, yo, yo,

hope u crazy canucks are having a blast. the dirty south boys here miss your company on the front porch. kasey the pimp-master.
Submitted by Kasey on Mon Aug 4 22:22:03 2003

Cell phone store tucks in the team
Hey guys wanted to give u a shout... i gave you directions to the campground, im the guy int he Cell phone store in Central NJ... i even gave you alittle mitsubishi history lesson... anyway goodluck...
Submitted by Bobby on Mon Aug 4 16:54:20 2003

you can have him back...i guess
hey guys! just wanted to say thanks for letting me borrow ryan for a week- i know you guys miss him! hope you are all having a great time in d.c. and i hope we get to see all of you again really soon!!!!! keep in touch!
Submitted by angela on Sun Aug 3 19:51:02 2003

Anyone get saturday night palsy yet?
BOYS boys boys boys! F*ck, it looks like you guys are having a blast. The bouncer at Legends asked me where everyone went!! The pictues are great!

So I have to ask, do you guys hook up at the same time in the RV or do you do rock paper scissors?

Can't wait to have some beers when y'all get back now y'a here!
Submitted by Nickels on Sat Aug 2 17:52:09 2003

Hey Ry
Hi Ry, I don't know if u r back yet or not but Sara gave me your site to look at and it looks like loads of fun. I'm definately jealous. Hope u had fun. Talk to u hopefully sometime this summer :)
Submitted by Kyleen & Jerica on Sat Aug 2 12:33:05 2003

Change is good, they say!
Hey J,
Just a quick message to update ya.....after much, much deliberation, and thanks to plenty of welcomed advice, including yours, it looks like its time to take another risk. Tackling yet another challenging entrepreneurial mountain...who knows what I might find up there, and apparently I'm too curious to wait to find out. Thanks for your insight, extremely me as soon as you can. :) J.
Submitted by Jenn on Fri Aug 1 17:05:41 2003

Rendez Vous?
Hey Gentlemen! Well, the Rogers family has been following your progress during your trip and we are totally impressed and jelous...looks amazing. Mum, Dad, and I (Shellee) are heading out on our own road trip on August 15th to take me back to school for teacher's college. We were wondering where you're going to be between the 15-23ish of August cause we'd love to meet up with you guys. We're hitting up Mount Rushmore, Notre Dame and detroit on the way so let us know so we can meet! ciao ciao Shell xoxox
Submitted by Shellee Linda and Frank on Fri Aug 1 08:59:16 2003

got sofa?
For those of you that are in the Vancouver area, Im looking for a couch. Preferably without any questionable stains.
If you know the number, call my cell. Otherwise:
Submitted by Chris on Thu Jul 31 12:57:26 2003

Sup' Mr. President.
Hey Guys, Sorry I missed out on an other wild Athens experience...looked like good times. Have fun up the East coast..DC..NYC..CHI..BOS..and then back into the motherland of ol' Canadia, can't believe its august already. I'm already in the planning stages of your welcome home party!
You bring the Parrot Bay, I'll bring the rest !
Keep in touch. talk soon. :)
Submitted by Jenn on Thu Jul 31 12:08:44 2003

Hi Joel &travelling guys
Great website Joel. I can't take it all in on one visit... so I'll just have to keep coming back. What an amazing trip! Glad you are all having a fabulous time. It's a trip of a lifetime. Keep creating those priceless memories. Look forward to seeing you when you get home.

Phyllis :)
Submitted by Phyllis Hamada on Wed Jul 30 19:04:27 2003

Yo Cuz!
Hey Ry and Guys!

Wow! What an experience you are having!!! I'm so jealous. I can't wait to hear more when you all get back. If you go to North Carolina look up my new boyfriend Derrick Gates in Drexel for me and give him a big fat kiss. Don't do anything stupid though he is a cop! Love Ya!!! Tan
Submitted by Tanya Punton on Wed Jul 30 14:57:32 2003

i think its about time to head NORTH!!!!!!!

Its B-Ride hear and I'm just letting you know that it would be a good time to shoot up threw new york state and head into Ontario in the next week or so because I got picked up by A Jr. A team from Sooke to represent B.C. at the Jr. Canadian Nationals in Waterloo, Ontario the week of August 3-9th. IF you go to the webside and go to the 2003 junior canadian nationals link you'll find a map to waterloo and camping sites that would be great to stay at. Our team is staying at dorms on the campus of Wilfred Laurier University. Ryan, if you could call me or email, I leave Friday morning, August 1st. I will probably have my cell on me in Ontario. Hope I can see you guys cause I know what a great cheering section you would be. Talk to you soon and keep on rockin in the free world......
Submitted by Byron on Mon Jul 28 12:51:17 2003

Keep the world a better place! Where a condom.

Great site guys. See you soon
Submitted by Kevin Johnson on Sun Jul 27 20:57:50 2003

Hey Joel,
Well the id has been working great from Dave, i've been hitting some clubs with kyle, and having a hell of a time. Now i can kinda understand what you are doing, and damn man have fun with it. I aint got much to say but i know you are having an awesome time and live it up man, break away from your norm. you might end up doing something really different than you are used to but who knows it just might be your thing. Have fun joel with your boys. Brock
Submitted by lil Nordman on Sun Jul 27 15:42:14 2003

You guys are making us proud!! (a little jealous too.)
Submitted by Megan and McKenzie Graham on Sat Jul 26 17:38:55 2003

I-4 Sucks
I saw you on Interstate 4 yesterday,running eastbound through Orlando. Let me be the first to apologize for our shitty road. Who knew that the asshole of the south was an engineering tragedy that runs from Daytona to Tampa. I hope your enjoying your trip and the wierd weather that we have here in Florida. Keep your head down, lightning kills.
Submitted by Rod on Thu Jul 24 06:32:34 2003

howdy partner
You know you're a redneck if your house still has the "WIDE LOAD" sign on the back.
who's gonna live in the tin when you're done?
Submitted by billy joe on Tue Jul 22 15:08:04 2003

Bienvenido a Miami
Hey Jeff,

We made it. We're in Miami. The engr server is down right now so none of us can check those emails. We emailed Chris a number for you to call to get a hold of us this afternoon. If that doesn't work, then email as a backup, but there's no guarantee that we'll be able to check it before tonight. Hopefully it all works out and we'll hit the town tonight. Later,

The Boys.

P.S. Had an incredible time yesterday SCUBA diving and snokeling off Key Largo. Amazing!
Submitted by The Boys on Fri Jul 18 07:11:31 2003

Deviled Eggs, Anyone?
After being let down by no-showing friends on all the prep-work - and by mother nature for promising thunderstorms all night long, I had all but given up hope on my masterfully planned Outlaw Roundup.

But thanks to an RV-load of crazy Canadian strangers needing a place to park for the night, I am already looking forward to next year's!!

Consider this lifetime passes to all BaHas to come (and of course, all the Jello shots you can eat).

To Friends & Good Times!

Have Fun Ya'll!
Submitted by Mandy on Thu Jul 17 20:47:36 2003

What up fellas! Glad to see that you plan on heading back our way. We will have the pool kicking and the beer ice cold. I hope that all is well. See you guys when you get here.
Submitted by Will on Thu Jul 17 16:03:19 2003

Not in Georgia !
Hey boyz...First chance I have had to send a message..thanks for a whirlwind weekend "in Georgia". Glad to see I have made the website already! Georgia and its peeps rocked, had a blast in the wide load, and the bong in the parking lot will not soon be pics turned out well. Enjoy the beach, and keep me posted on the whereabouts, another spontaneous weekend could well be in the cards ! thanks again, well worth every long hour it took to arrive down south ! :)
Submitted by Intern Crew Member on Thu Jul 17 12:45:22 2003

I Miss You Uncle Ry
Hi Ryan, hope you're having an awesome time! What am I saying of course you are! Hopefully I can do something as cool, when I'm 30. Well I'll definately try not to grow tooo much before you come home. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!(when I'm 30,jj) Love you
Love your neice
Submitted by Ella on Tue Jul 15 22:28:01 2003

South Bitch
Do you want a Sin City rival? How 'bout more heat and humidity? Do not miss South Beach! Get yer rest boys you wont get much here. Oh yeah, brush up on your Spanish for "where's that night club with the big bed in the corner".
I'm in Miami on Mondays and Fridays (Key West on Thursdays).
keep in touch (
Submitted by jefe on Tue Jul 15 20:52:36 2003

Hey Guys,
Jeff is based out of Miami right now. Email him if you guys are planning to hit that part of Florida.

Submitted by Chris on Mon Jul 14 13:25:05 2003

Flight of Fancy
hi there y'all.
Anything you can do we can do too.
Booked on Tuesday for England. Next email will be from there. have the digital camera but unfortunately I don't share your same level of expertise re websites. Yours is taking on a life of its own.
We will be partying, but not as hard as you. the English beer is warm, but you do get a "full" pint.
Bye for now
Submitted by The Works on Sun Jul 13 08:50:14 2003

watch out for your toothbrushes!!!! ya never know where they could end up!!!!!
Submitted by angela on Sat Jul 12 18:42:13 2003

What is a pearl necklace?
hello fellas! Just wanted to say have a safe and amazing trip. I wish i was cruzin with ya. Don't forget that the best party girls in the world are here in Birmingham, so, come back to see us soon, ya here. Oh, dont forget that i want to cut open bodies and gut them, and you can QUOTE me on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (Angela told me about the pearl necklace)
Submitted by jessica on Sat Jul 12 18:38:06 2003

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!
hey guys! hope you enjoyed your little taste of southern hospitality! i have to say alabama misses you already. have fun the rest of your trip and i hope to see you guys again very soon!!! we'll have some cheese dip waiting on you! (and yes, ken, with deer meat!!!) oh yeah, thanks for the pics you left on our computer. they're great!
Submitted by Angela Paumen on Sat Jul 12 18:19:41 2003

Saw Ya Cruisin'
Didn't meet y'all, but my girl and I saw y'all cruisin' through Athens, GA and looked up the site from the back of your party wagon. Next time you're through, stop and party with us:-)
Submitted by Jeffro on Sat Jul 12 14:57:34 2003

Southern Hospitality
Hey Guys!
Enjoyed having you over to our house for a true southern dinner. I admire what you are are doing and am just a little jealous. Hope you liked the fried green tomatoes and homemade peach icecream. You truely are a bunch of great guys and it was a pleasure to meet you all. I hope the rest of your trip is fun but remember to be safe. Come see the Johnsons the next time you are in Birmingham, Alabama. Best wishes to you all.
Jimmy, Sue, Amy and Kerri Johnson
Submitted by Momma Sue on Sat Jul 12 11:40:22 2003

Love you Jay
HI Jay,
Awesome to see your side of the world! Good to see your living up after grad and getting some memories to tell your grandchildren about! Taiwan is brilliant...hey why don't you engineer boys rig that baby up with some water wings and get over here! Adios!
Love you sweets xo Mads
Submitted by Mads on Fri Jul 11 05:36:05 2003

Thanks for the great time..
just wanted to say thanks for the shakeup last night at my pad.. I needed that! Cheers from alabama..

new photo of me. :)
Submitted by Howdy Partners on Thu Jul 10 14:59:37 2003

Two Jealous, Over Worked, Arizonan's
Hey Boys, its the two nimrods, who are sweltering in 117 degree heat today. Hottest day of the year. Looks like you boys are keeping with tradition and having a kick ass time. Your sand lady makes me beyond jealous. I hope you gave her a kiss from me. Have fun.
McKenzie and Megan
Submitted by McKenzie and Megan on Thu Jul 10 12:10:33 2003

Hey Handsome 4some
Hey Guys!
Looks like you are all having a great time and the pictures are wonderful! The dance floors in Victoria seemed a little empty these days and I have heard that beer sales are suffering. You are all well missed!!!!!!! Hope you guys can make a stop at the Canning household when traveling east. Keep on having a great time. Take care. Marie
Submitted by MARIE on Wed Jul 9 17:12:22 2003

Good Times!
Hey Joel,

Your Mom told me about your website. It looks great and sounds like you're having an incredible trip! I'm back working in Germany for the summer and had a great time so far in Italy, Amsterdam, and all over Germany. Keep having fun! Miss ya!


Submitted by Heather MacLeod on Wed Jul 9 12:13:10 2003

New Plan
What about this weekend....yeah that's right I'm talking two days from now...where will you be ?? This is just plain crazy...but actually possible ! call me collect at work.:)
Submitted by Jenn on Wed Jul 9 09:41:07 2003

Call me ASAP
Hey J, You need to call me STAT....cause I want to know where exactly you may be next weekend....I have a free flight to Toronto, and lets be honest its not hard to go south from there !! Florida ?? NYC ? Whereever...I'm in !
Submitted by Jenn "jetsetter" Street on Wed Jul 9 09:21:27 2003

Wide Load Spotting
Hey guys!! you don't know me, but I saw your RV at the Pizza Hut in Kanab, UT. Looks like you guys are having fun. I went on Vacation with my family for 3 weeks. We went to a million different places, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Arches, Canyonland, Mesa Verde, and more. Ride the mules and horses at Bryce Canyon. Its so much fun and the cowboys are really funny!! never stop Rocking!!
Submitted by Brittany on Tue Jul 8 19:53:28 2003

Hi from Powell River
Hi Joel
I just shared your site with Aunty Michele, was she impressed! She's really tired so she'll send you a message soon. Mo, Aunty M. and Lisa, Allison, Brock, Steven, Shayla and I just got back from an overnight trip to the Lake Cabin. Brock and cousins had a great time knee bding and tubing. The weather,food and drinks were fantastic. Your photos are awesome -keep them coming plus the journal linking the photos. Send more postcards Joel. Hope you're all well. Keep truckin' and Cheers to great memories.
Love, Mom xoxo
Submitted by Dawn Nordman on Sun Jul 6 23:03:44 2003

Lazzy Azz Biatches
Hey Guys... ADD A F*CKIN BACK link in your pictures section.... it's annoying as hell going back through all the pictures... ohh yeah ... have fun

Submitted by Khian Lau on Sun Jul 6 16:15:51 2003

Well Jay in following tradition, you aren't home for your birthday! So live it up, have a great day and even better night and do what you do best, get loaded on cheap american beer! You're getting old but you still know how to party! i'm thinking of ya, have a great birthday jay!
Love and Miss ya
the littlie
Submitted by Meme on Sat Jul 5 11:59:17 2003

Take one for the team, J !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY ! (And by Big Guy...well I don't mean biggestguy out of the four..but big guy, as in OLD! none the less !) Didn't think I would forget did ya ! Wish I could call and send some birthday wishes in person but apparently a phone would be the only technological device the wide load does not operate ! Hope the boyz take you outand get you doubt it will be a birthday not soon forgotten. Keep those stories coming...send more postcards, or a postcard at that!!

Have fun. Believe me, you ain't missin nothin here, so keep on trekkin !!
:) luv jenn
Submitted by Jenn Street on Sat Jul 5 10:41:37 2003

Hey Boyz!! (JOEL)
Looked at some of your photos. Wow! Quite stunning. Of course we all wish we were there with you. Joel, you have inspired Allison. Isn't it amazing the world that is out there? Some of the places we too travelled through but didn't have the time to explore as you have. Your mom and Brock are here in Powell River visiting for the weekend. Your mom is picking up some of Nan's things. Of course when she arrived I was out cutting the hedge so she and Brock helped, and your mom just had to stay out in the garden for at least another hour, tidying up, etc. I on the other hand had enough as I had been out there all day before they arrived. Now we are off to Michele and Moe's to have a few cocktails and eat pizza, perhaps play some cards. Adam heads to Nanaimo tomorrow to look for a place to live when he goes off to college/university in the fall. Will talk more later. No doubt you are all having the time of your lives, and meeting a lot of people, hot babes, etc. The web page is great and I can't wait to sit down by myself and look at all of it. Take care Joel. Love you lots. Talk to ya later.
Lisa, Doug, Adam and Allison
Submitted by Lisa Skinner on Fri Jul 4 18:50:21 2003

Hey Boys
What a trip! Jerks. Came across something just now that you guys might be able to appreciate. It reminded me of all of you. Next time you're online, check it out.

Good Luck with the ladies, I say work the 4th of July - show us cool canadian boys how american girls have a good time - angle. And I second Byron and Matt's cougar request (if all else fails)

Enjoy the next half and looking forward to partying with you guys when you finally get back,

Submitted by Linnie on Fri Jul 4 10:32:49 2003

Happy Canada Day - July 1,2003
Hi Joel and you guys
Thinking of you 4 and wishing you a Happy Canada Day!! Just got back from the Fireworks at Garry Point, great as usual. Throngs of people. A young group behind us was belting out "Oh Canada" several times quite out of tune!
Beautiful night, with red sky and sliver moon.
Love your web site - keep it up, you're doing a great job.
Hope your big toe has healed nicely, Joel and knowing you it probably hasn't slowed you down much!! Take good care you handsome 4. Watch out New Orlean's gals!!
Love Mom (Dawn) xo
Submitted by Dawn Nordman on Wed Jul 2 00:07:01 2003

Let me guess on the contents of the Sign:
Submitted by Chris on Mon Jun 30 13:18:48 2003

Greetings from Moab
Well, we have some good news to report. Everyone is still in one piece although Joel was the first one to have to go to the hospital. Photo to come on that. We're all a lot darker, even me. The girlie situation is not as good as you might imagine from the photos but we did make a sign that, so far has worked wonders 1 for 1. You'll understand soon. Off to Arches National Park shortly and then into Colorado. This is about the half way mark and things are still getting better in my books.

P.S. Chris, what are you doing checking this from work? Big brother is watching you. Oh, and about that rash. . . You could ask your Mom the same question.
Submitted by Jason on Mon Jun 30 10:17:54 2003

Soak up the sun
Hi Jason and boys,
I've been checking out the website every week or so and it's really starting to take shape! it's awesome to see all the pictures,it's interesting to see some of the places you've been to, but the beer bong pics never get old eh? Well I just wanted to remind you all that this is your time to relax and enjoy your time between finishing University and getting yourselves into the work force when you return home. The best thing about working at KOA campground, is that everyone is relaxed and happy because they are on holiday, SO ENJOY, SPOIL YOURSELVES AND PARTY HARD~
P.S. the tercel has a new name now, The Love Machine... don't worry, no one was IN the car when it got it's name! haha
Love your little sis!
Submitted by Meme on Sun Jun 29 18:02:04 2003

I almost went to band camp!!!!
Cool website guys...and its even cooler that your taking the time to do all this for your envious family and friends. Can't wait to see more pics...AND don't forget to try to make it the NB or more preciscly Shediac "the Lobster Capital of the World".
Keep on Rockin' and Rollin'...
Just so you know the weather in Victoria today is very cloudy and it looks like its going to pour anytime. Hope your having better weather!!!

What's wrong with AIR CADETS...HUH?!?!?!?
Submitted by Nat on Sun Jun 29 11:43:55 2003

Ohhh ... How can it be.. soo good .. but yet.. so bad!
Love the website guys. I totally forgot that you guys had a website and stumbled upon it today after hearing about it the night before. Hope the Trip is everything you hoped and more. I sure wish I could have gone with you guys ... but the DR. of sweetness is going on his own adventure. Come this september I am going back to UVic for a fresh start. Drop me a more personal line @

Khian Lau

OHH ONE MORE THING... I saw a beer bong in one of your pictures... and I also saw a valve with some clear PCP piping. DON'T THINK I'M NOT GONNA SUE ALL YOUR ASSES when you get back!!!!!!!

Submitted by Khian Lau on Sat Jun 28 21:21:58 2003

Awesome Grand Canyon Pics
It is holiday start today, so have spent some time viewing your pics of the grand canyon. They are awesome, and brought back so many memories for us. Mind you we didn't get all the way down to the bridge at the bottom, so more power to you for making the effort.
Looking forward to seeing your impressions of Bryce Canyon.
Keep on cruising
Submitted by Riussell on Sat Jun 28 15:21:23 2003

More Cougars Please
Sitting here sipping on some cold canadian beer Ryan's cousins Byron and Matt are shaking there heads wondering how you guys have so many pictures of good looking ladies. You must get them really drunk first then bust the polaroids out. But even thought the content is sufficient there isn't enough of the more mature female species AKA COUGARS OR MILFS. We know that your passion and ardor is strong so withour further ado for the next week your personal mission is to have at least 10-12 pics of pure bread cougars. Each week we will be publishing a message and each week a new challenge will be offered. Please take these challenges seriously and for the most part please enjoy yourselves. Keep it real and keep bongin like my buddy FRANK THE TANK!!!!!!! Your Canadian Drinking Buddies
Submitted by B-Ride and Matty on Fri Jun 27 23:11:10 2003

Hi Joel
I'm really enjoying following you all on your journey. I went over to Brock's grad. at UBC - it was really fun. You would have been proud of him! He even won an award!!
Take care and continue having a fabulous time. Oh yes, I have a really nice photo of you after your grad - you look very handsome!
Submitted by Aunty P. in V ictoria on Fri Jun 27 22:11:19 2003

Do you guys want to play on an indoor soccer team starting in Sept? Its at the Burnaby 8 rinks. Very fast pace, decent turf.

PS: Send smokes, preferably Lucky Strikes.
Submitted by Chris on Fri Jun 27 14:04:51 2003

Love the geeky facts!
That is just great to see your pics up. I can't wait for the videos. Keep the news coming. You are making all us stay at homes insanely jealous. Glad to see Joel still has the Cdn hat.
Submitted by Reg Nordman on Wed Jun 25 17:54:39 2003

It's, It's,
It's an amazing website! You guys are so creative. Such a wonderful idea to share your experience with everyone........But your making everyone jealous, (Even me, and I'm in Prague!) Have a fabulous journey. Lindsay.
Submitted by Lindsay on Wed Jun 25 03:14:41 2003

Trip of Dreams
Hey Joel,
don't want you to feel bad, I see all these message for other ppl and you only got one dirrected at you, well i thought i'd change that. I can see that you are sporting that hat with pride and damn straigh you should. You gotta show me the beer bong. I think i mentioned my highschool won silver in AA high school championship. I'm trying out for the japan cup but i don't think i can stay with it cause lacrosse is at the exact same day and time as the try-outs. Thanks for the "goody bag" before you left it's been put to use in the nice weather. You look like you're having fun, gotta love the finger pointing dancing, and hopefuly you find more things to climb (rock faces) have fun bud. Grandpa turned 90 on saturday june 21 and he says hi and have an awesome trip. Later bud Your lil Bro Brock and the family.
Submitted by Brock Nordman on Mon Jun 23 12:15:51 2003

Your Having Fun !!!
Hi Kenny & Friends,

It sure is a pleasure to see the pictures and messages on your website. You make us see R.Ving in a different light. What a great experience for you. It must be tough meeting all those pretty girls....NOT. We look forward to you all coming this way. Take care and keep on having fun.

Mom & Dad
Submitted by Alasdair & Jeannine on Sun Jun 22 19:30:51 2003

Spelling Bee Champ
What is a "Unicron".
Apparently Ryan is a literary guru.
I also witnessed a hobby of his one time at Bar Victoria (this is a scuzzy bar in Victoria): Interpretive modern dancing. He sure knows how to clear a dance floor.

BTW, Jason: is that rash clearing up yet?
Submitted by Chris on Sat Jun 21 19:43:33 2003

Hey Chris D.
Chris likes to draw Unicrons and he was in Air Cadets.

For those of you who don't know Chris, try visiting his cool web site :)
Submitted by Ryan on Sat Jun 21 14:15:20 2003

Hi Joel
Wow, Kyle came home for dinner tonight and said your site was up, thanks for my Friday night entertainment, better than a video!! The pics are terrific, anyway of saying where they are when downloading? It looks like you are all having a fantastic time. I think of you guys daily and will now check the site more often. Take care of each other.
ttfn Joel. Hi from the family. Love you, Mom xo
Submitted by Dawn or Joel's Mom on Fri Jun 20 23:30:31 2003

Needs more porn.
'nuff said :) Looks like you've had fun - keep having it.
Submitted by Craig on Fri Jun 20 00:26:50 2003

Wideload Wins Big
Hey Boyz,
Nice work on the website.......I had been checking
daily for weeks, and was left guessing as to where the
open road had taken I can see why it
took a while to update your fellow public on your seems you've all been keepin busy !!
Keepin the fridge well stocked I see.....
and getting it seems plenty of value for money on
that bong !! Nice one. Even roped some innocent ladies
into the bong-fest.....keep those pics coming,
us boring Van-city folk can live vicariously thru all of
you! And don't forget to keep your friendly travel
agent posted on your whereabouts whenever possible,
as it is not unheard of to jump on a plane at a seconds notice, and be ridin right along side the crew of the wide load for a few days !

Enjoy every moment, and look after each other !

see ya soon. :)
p.s. Bring us some of that cheap beer....we can't
afford to drink around these parts anymore !!
Submitted by Jenn Street on Thu Jun 19 10:06:21 2003

Looking Good!
The trip looks suspiciously like a national lampoon's American vacation! Are you going to sell the movie rights for cheap?

Speaking of cheap thrills-I think David already told you that the wine and beer in France is tres cheap! So-not that there is an international competition for who can get drunk the cheapest-but we seem to keep comfortably sauced the whole time (putain, vos parents vont lire tout ca?)

Cheers dudes!

Submitted by Lindsey and David Black-Starr on Tue Jun 17 07:55:48 2003

How is going?
Well it looks like you boys are not letting me down. I see a lots of beer drinking and a few cute girls. I hope you guys are having a good summer. Don't worry, you are not missing much back home. The weather has been good, but f*ck the beer is so expensive. Keep cool. Talk to you soon.

P.S. Did ken remember his book "How to pick up chicks"? because almost every picture with a girl...ken is in.
Submitted by Krawf on Mon Jun 16 22:12:25 2003

How's the Canyon?
Hey guys. Hope the road to the Grand Canyon wasn't too hot for you. It may seem a little weird, but we miss the beer bong already. Be careful:)
Megan and McKenzie
(Drake and Doan too)
Submitted by Megan and McKenzie on Mon Jun 16 21:11:48 2003

Im Ken's Cousin XD
Hi, Im Ken's Cousin (Im not sure if he knows me) but my dad told me about this website so I came to it. Nice pictures! I like your site! XD
Submitted by Stephanie (Toms Daughter) on Mon Jun 16 19:17:35 2003

Submitted by JOE on Mon Jun 16 13:21:38 2003

Hi Guys.
Ryan went to band camp.
Submitted by Chris on Mon Jun 16 06:42:26 2003

Green with envy
The rain in the north looked pretty shitty, but Club De Pesca looked very inviting. From the looks of it you don't need to be told to have a great time. Where are you headed when you leave Pheonix? By the way is the butt fixation a collective thing?
Submitted by Denis & Helen on Sun Jun 15 22:25:24 2003

A nostalgic look at the wide load
Hi there to you Jason and the boys.

So pleased that you are having a good time in the van. We sure did. Hope you are making use of the glasses.
It brings back many good memories that Skinny and I had travelling in the states too.

Will follow your progress from your mum and dad
Ann Peterman.
owner of the wide load
Submitted by Ann Peterman on Sun Jun 15 20:36:55 2003

World Famous in NZ!
Great to see what you are up to Jason.I'm sitting here with your cousin Brogan and showing her whats out there in the wide wide world.A great idea to have the web site.I'll slowly sort my way through some more of it over time.
Submitted by Uncle Darryl on Sun Jun 15 01:22:41 2003

Hey Guys!!!
Looks and sounds like you're having a blast! It's about time you got this website up and running... I love seeing all the pics and can't wait for the videos :-) I'm sure we're all in for a bunch of laughs! Maybe I'll put up a website for my trip to Alberta (ya right, like I could do that- me and my theatre degree...) Take care and make sure you get your rest!!! Grumpiness can cause problems... Wishing you the best of times!!!
Submitted by Annette on Sun Jun 15 01:01:53 2003

From the working works to ???
hi there Jason and the rest of you.
The website is great, been looking forward to seeing the pics etc.
Busy day today. Sat, poured the concrete for the floor of the new shed. 16 x 12 feet. 3 yards. yard now cleaned up. load to the dump and best of all, tonight, sold McKenzie, unconditional. the papers faxed through, so now no worries. can plan for the summer.

The pictures in the hot springs are fantastic. great setting.
looking forward to more.
must away
love dad
Submitted by Jason on Sat Jun 14 23:49:58 2003

What's up, little Bro?
Hey Ken!

I LOVE the site you guys have set up! I've been checking in often, and love the pics! I couldn't get over half of them to load in the large size, but the ones I saw were great! :)

Ed and I are so proud of you! The kids ask about you often: they're pretty amazed that you are just driving around the US for fun! LOL!

I don't know if you know about our little website I set up, but I have pics on it of the kids and me. I have to update it with my newest preggo pic, the newest one on there is from a while ago. Oops! Anyway, the site is if you want to check it out. It's pretty basic, I've not had any time to spruce it up. :) Oh, we found out the baby is a girl and we have settled on the name Emilia Margaret, but we'll likely call her Emmy for short. :) My due date is still August 20th. :)

Anyway, now I've written you a novel. I miss you and love you! Keep having fun, say hi to your friends, and keep up the great work on the site! :)

Angie, Ed, Alexandra, Iain, Eddie and Baby Emmy
Submitted by Angie on Fri Jun 13 21:42:46 2003

Hey Guys! The whole family has been watching with baited breath to see your pictures/send messages...glad you finally got it all up and running! It looks amazing, I'm totally jelous! Anyway, we're thinking of you!!
The Rogers :)
Submitted by Shellee on Fri Jun 13 18:52:29 2003

Hey all...its Ken from the Wide Load on the Open Road. I just want to encourage all our friends and anyone who happens to see our RV on the road to drop us a message and include where you saw us...even WE get lonely from time to time. So do it...we'd love to hear from you!
Submitted by Ken of the Wide Load on Fri Jun 13 16:08:38 2003

Message Board Goes On-line
Hey everyone,

sorry for the delay on the website, but all this stuff takes time and our internet access is mostly limited to public libraries. Feel free to post messages here, cause we would love to hear from you!
Submitted by Ryan on Fri Jun 13 15:38:31 2003

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