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Thx, Mgt.

"I always wake up with morning-wood."
Day 97 -- Joel

"Here, you can put it in if you want."
Day 94 -- Jason (telling Ken what to with his memory card and camera)

"Ken, I'm really glad you're around, because without you I'd look like a really bad farter."
Day 94 -- Jason

Day 94 -- Ken (on Jason's comment above)

"We made drinking an extreme sport."
Day 93 -- Jason

"Sex is like air.  It's not important until you're not getting any."
Day 93 -- Bathroom stall in the Mediterranean restaurant, Halifax.

"I gotta stand outside because I'm too hot and my makeup is starting to run."
Day 92 -- Ryan (commenting on his face painting)

"I gotta work on my patience."
Day 90 -- Joel

"Even as a kid, my Mum couldn't get over how excited I was about farts."
Day 89 -- Jason

"Hey Pat you got the clap there.  They have pills, shots and doctors for that you know."
Day 88 -- Bernie of Amherst, Nova Scotia (commenting on Pat's applause)

"Let me tell you Kenny.  I have had more than my share of beers in my life.  The one I had from that hose though was the fastest yet."
Day 88 -- Bernie of Amherst, Nova Scotia (paraphrased comment on the beer bong)

"It's okay if I puke 'cuz I don't have to work tomorrow."
Day 88 -- Jennifer (commenting on bonging White Russians)

"Ryan, I'm tuning your guitar and if you don't play us a song I'm going to beat you up."
Day 88 -- Bernie

Day 88 -- Maritime word for joint

"If you don't like it, lump it."
Day 88 -- Ashley (translated, "Deal with it.")

"I'm not embarrassed about it.  I'm trying to fart as much as I can."
Day 86 -- Joel

"Farting is fun."
Day 85 -- Jason

"Yeah, farting is fun."
Day 85 -- Ken

". . . she was the first girl to tell me to be more gentle."
Day 85 -- Jason

"I wonder where Joel is." X 100
Day 84 -- Jason, Ken, Ryan (after Joel disappeared in New York for several hours)

"Now can I buy the beer and let him drink it, or are you going to get uptight about it?"
Day 80 -- "Uncle" Michael Kirby (his remark to the waitress when Joel forgot his I.D.)

"Your voice changed but your breath still smells the same."
Day 74 -- Will (after Jason's fart)

"What's your hair color . . . southern pimp?"
Day 73 -- Random Lady in JoJo's Diner (about Ryan's hair)

"These are ball-huggers.  I was low on the underwear."
Day 60 -- Jason

"I've got really sweaty balls."
"Can I lick 'em?"
Day 60 -- Ken and Ryan (in conversation)

"I'm a kneeler."
Day 60 -- Joel (commenting on his peeing technique)

"A toboggan is something you wear on your head.  You idiots."
Day 59 -- Amy (teaching us on the southern vocabulary)

"Here's to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple!!!!!!"
Day 58 -- Angela's Toast

"The best stallion I've ever had."
Day 57 -- Joel (commenting on what he ate that night)

"How come their art sucks so much?"
Day 47 -- Jason (comments on Native American hieroglyphic artwork)

"It's never in there for more than a couple of seconds.  I poke and I take it away.  I poke and I take it away."
Day 47 -- Ken (comments on stoking the fire with Ryan's axe)

"You poked me in the nut, my right nut."
Day 47 -- Ken

"My farts can kill small children."
Day 47 -- Joel

"I would gladly poo in that bag again."
Day 41 -- Ryan

"I lost a pair of shorts to that diarrhea."
Day 39 -- Joel (comments on Mexico)

"Man, white jeans and diarrhea do not go together."
Day 39 -- Ryan (comments on Joel's comments on Mexico)

"Nice snatch."
Day 39 -- Joel (after making a pass at to Ryan)

"You ride that thing pretty well."
Day 38 -- Joel (to cute girl on mule)

"That girl had a C-cup personality."
Day 38 -- Jason

"Don't mind the smell.  I'm a hippie."
Day 38 -- Ryan

"You know, I think this campsite could comfortable seat another three, or four . . . girls."
Day 34 -- Jason

"I don't have a drinking problem.  I can drink plenty."
Day 31 --  Sign at Iguana Max Pub

"So are you going to shoot it all over my back or what?"
Day 13 -- Ryan (bent over with Ken behind him, slippery sunscreen in hand)

"I wonder where Joel is." X 100
Day 12 -- Jason, Ken, Ryan

"I got a stream of grease on my leg and I don't know what happened."
Day 11 -- Ken (comments at dinner)

"If two rednecks get a divorce are they still cousins?"
Day 6 -- Bumper Sticker

"I have been told I have robust testicles."
Day 4 -- Jason

"I wonder if they would let me poo in the post office?"
Day 2 -- Jason

"I am happy with the four inches."
Day 1 -- Joel