More of our earlier videos are here to see.  Videos released on August 10 are shown with a "%."

The videos have long been awaited.  Wait no more.  There is more to come too.  Those videos without links will appear once they have been uploaded.

They are in Chronological order. Enjoy!

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Fishing Trip in Mexico (from day 27)

Grand Canyon Hiking Day 1 (from day 37)

Grand Canyon Hiking Day 2 (from day 38)

Zion Day 1 (from day 40)

Moab (from day 49)

First Video

It's Cold

First Bong of the Trip

Jason Coughs

Caves before Las Vegas (Part 1)

Caves before Las Vegas (Part 2)

Fountain Show

Three Sitters

Ken Eating at Hoover Dam

Bear at Zoo


Kimono Dragon




Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson %

Jack Johnson %

Jack Johnson %

Andrea %

Josh at his Best

Josh and Jason

Josh Bonging %

Jason and Eggs Benedict %

Inaugural Digibong and Ken

Mexican Triathlon %

Bronco Joel


Ken and Girls

Everyone Fishing

Ken Catching %

Ken and Joel "Over the Top"

Jay and Ryan

Betty's Bong

McKenzie's Bong_

Shane's Bong and Pubes_

Grand Canyon %

Hiking Grand Canyon %

Hiking Grand Canyon %

Hiking Grand Canyon %

Hiking Grand Canyon %

Hiking Grand Canyon %

Hiking Grand Canyon %

Hiking %



Narrows 7:25a.m._

Long Narrows %

Jason Narrows %

Day 1 Hiking

Day 1 Hiking %

Poo Bag

Deeper Water %

Sounds of the Canyon %

Ryan's Ledge %

Joel's Jump %

Day 2 %

Day 2 %

Day 2 %

Picky Ryan %

Angel's Top %

Fig Flyer %

Climbing Down %

Down Angel's Landing %

Angel's %

2:11 Running Down %

Bryce Canyon_

Bryce Canyon_

Bryce Canyon_

Horses in BC_

Bryce Canyon_

Bryce Canyon_

Top of BC_

Powell Lake_

Ryan's Steak_

Ryan's Steak_

Playing Game_

Jason's Babe_

Ken's Snatch_


Slot Canyon 0:54 (Part 1)_

Slot Canyon (Part 2)_

Slot 3_

Slot 4_

Slot 5 and Joel's Toe_

Moab Night 1_

River Rafting_

River Rafting_

Moab 1_

Moab 2_

Moab 3_

Moab 4_

Moab 5_

Moab 6_

Arches G-mofo_

Beautiful Ladies Dancing